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Healthy and local is the focus of this special collection around the people who grow and bring organic food to local markets and the people who shop at these markets. Topics also include how farmers grow organic food and the quality of our food supply around issues to include local economy, seeding, use of pestisides and fertilisers, water, food security, availability and pricing.

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Cooling the Planet with Carbon Farming - John Wick
August 30, 2018

John Wick and the Marin Carbon Project are developing innovative carbon farming practices based on their research of the carbon cycle’s impact on soil. These practices draw down dangerous levels of atmospheric carbon and sequester that carbon in the soil where it becomes an agricultural asset. More carbon in the soil increases fertility and yields and make farms more resistant to droughts. If adopted on a global scale, carbon farming can make agriculture a driving force that will help solve the climate crisis and cool the planet.

Learn more at http://www.bioneers.org/carbon farming

Videography: Guido Lois and Brenda Manookin

EarthSayer John Wick

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