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Healthy and local is the focus of this special collection around the people who grow and bring organic food to local markets and the people who shop at these markets. Topics also include how farmers grow organic food and the quality of our food supply around issues to include local economy, seeding, use of pestisides and fertilisers, water, food security, availability and pricing.

Curated by earthsayer

Growing Farmers by Nathan McFall

After serving as an Environmental Protection Extension Agent teaching farming and environmental education in Africa for two years in the Peace Corps, Nathan found that his passion was in living close to the Earth and in a community where it truly takes a village to move through life well.  

In 2010 in collaboration with Matt Brown, Benjamin Green and Bobbie Brown, Nathan formed Food Waves focusing on producing organic food for the local Portland, Oregon market, they see their mission growing farmers in a movement they call small acre stewardship.

Food|Waves promotes sustainable agriculture as a long-term solution to major environmental issues facing the overall health of the world’s soil, water and people. Our aim is to develop future farmers by providing the technical and financial support necessary to learn how to grow organic food for local consumers.

Videotaped July 2, 2011 by Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv, voices of sustainability with music by Benjamin Bogosian. 

EarthSayers Matt Brown; Bobbie Brown; Nathan McFall

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