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Let's hear from our children, and their advocates, on the social, environmental, cultural, and economic concerns around sustainability and the call to always act responsibly and with the next seven generations in mind. This poster from the Earth & Spirit Council's Earth Day 2012 Ceremony in Portland, Oregon is a collaborative effort of students and friends. It conveys hope, love, and concern as we know we will find in the children's voices of sustainability. The collection will also feature, from time to time, adults who are speaking on behalf of children. 

To add to this collection email children@earthsayers.com.  Thank you.



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Environmentally Responsible Investments by Kyle Thiermann

Meet Santa Cruz' Kyle Thiermann, one of the Earth Island Institute's 2011 Brower Youth Award Winners! Kyle's surf videos, Surfing for Change, have created millions of dollars in environmentally responsible investments.

EarthSayer Kyle Thiermann

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