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The spotlight is on oil sands development in Canada and it is a perfect storm of economic, social, and environmental realities, part fact, part fiction and promises - clearly affecting us all. It's a situation that calls out to citizens to educate themselves and listen to the voices of sustainability who are speaking from an integrated, whole systems understanding of our world and speak on behalf of Mother Earth.  Fundamentally, it's a place and from that place, home to indigenous peoles, comes the Keystone XL pipeline expansion project, which, if approved, would carry heavy crude from Alberta, Canada, to refineries in the United States.

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No Pipelines by Ben West, Carleen Thomas, Gabriel Saloman

No Pipelines: Ben West, Carleen Thomas, Gabriel Saloman, and Stephen Collis

Burnaby Residents Opposing the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion (BROKE) and Unit-Pitt Gallery organized a People's Procession & Rally on Saturday, April 12th to raise community awareness and voice opposition to Kinder Morgan's plan to build a new pipeline to carry crude bitumen at extremely high pressure from the Alberta tar sands to Burrard Inlet. More on this YouTube channel, Pipeline Watch

Published on Apr 15, 2014

EarthSayers Gabriel Saloman; Carleen Thomas; Ben West

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