Corporate Citizenship Film Festival

About This Collection

As part of The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship  2012 conference scheduled for March 25-27, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona they sponsor a film festival providing "companies with an opportunity to demonstrate how they have utilized video as a communication tool."

These are the ten finalists with the winner to be chosen at the Conference.
The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship offers a broad and objective perspective on the role of business in the 21st century. Their business-savvy insights and practical management tools are provided in a context and a community that shares the highest standards and a passion to continuously improve. 

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The Sanctuary on 8th and CSX

In an ongoing effort to incorporate citizenship into the day-to-day operation of CSX, new management trainees in 2011 volunteered 2,328 hours over five different Saturdays to renovate The Sanctuary on 8th, an organization dedicated to providing education and enrichment to inner-city kids in a safe, welcoming environment.

EarthSayers Ginger Hodge; Biko Misabiko; Anquinette Spenser

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