Global Warming Teaching Circle

About This Collection

An opportunity to view a curated collection of short videos addressing the basic definition of sustainability and its relationship to global warming. The eight videos total just over one half hour of viewing time.  The recommended order is to start with three videos on the definition of suststainability (Merculieff, Cochran and the Survey) followed by the four videos on global warming (Furquan, NASA, Two Green Leaves, SAAMI youth, Merculieff).

Curated by mokiethecat

Two Green Leaves fighting climate change with Oregon Climate

Published on Jun 1, 2016

Two Green Leaves (twogreenleaves.org) is a blog created by two young friends, Charlie and Jeremy. We are aware of what climate change can do to the human race and it certainly isn’t good. That’s why we’ve created this blog: to help other people understand the effects of climate change and what we can do to help! Thank you for visiting us at twogreenleaves.org