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Sustainable travel represents a worldwide and growing demand to reduce the impacts of tourism on the environment and the local communities. It is also referred to as sustainable tourism, ecotourism, and geotourism. Whether you are a traveler or a member of the travel industry or a citizen living in a community that relies on tourism, you will find a voice here on EarthSayers that educates and inspires you.

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EcoTourism and Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica by Glenn Jampol

Glenn Jampol, Presidente, Cámara Nacional de Ecoturismo (CANAECO), speaks to "The Role and Challenges of Certified Sustainable Tourism in Transforming the Travel Industry in Costa Rica." His presentation was part of the panel, Sustainable Tourism Certification - Global Challenges and Opportunities held September 10th as part of the EcoTourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference, Portland, Oregon on September 8 - 10, 2010 sponsored by The International EcoTourism Society (TIES).

In 1985, Glenn founded and created the first "Boutique" hotel in Santa Bárbara de Heredia, Costa Rica, based on the best sustainable standards of the day, Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn, which is now considered "one of the best hotels in the world," according to the New York Times and Conde Naste Traveler. The hotel also has 35 acres of certified shade grown organic coffee, which is grown, picked, and roasted on premises.

 Videotaped by Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv. 

EarthSayer Glenn Jambol

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