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Artists and musicians who are addressing social, cultural, environmental and/or economic elements of sustainability through their art and communication talents.

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The Politics of Images by Joes Segal

Joes Segal s a Professor of Cultural History at Utrecht University whose work concentrates on the history of modern art, cultural history, cultural boundaries and identity constructions with reference to the common grounds between art and politics in Europe, the US, the Soviet Union and China since 1945. He is the Author of East German Material Culture and the Power of Memory (2011) and Divided Dreamworlds? The Cultural Cold War in East and West (2012). Joes was the recipient of a Senior Research Grant and was based at the Wende Museum, as a guest curator, and UCLA, as a guest professor.

To order his latest book from Amazon, Divided Dreamworlds, click on the image or visit your local bookstore. Thank you.

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