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Artists and musicians who are addressing social, cultural, environmental and/or economic elements of sustainability through their art and communication talents.

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Bad Indians, A Poem by Ryan Red Corn

Ryan Red Corn (Osage) is the co-chairman of NVision, a Native run non-profit youth media organization headquartered in Denver. Red Corn attended the University of Kansas, where he graduated in 2003 with a B.F.A in graphic design.

The social aspects of stereotyping are explored in a New York Times article, It's Not Me, It's You in their Gray Matter Section, October 7, 2012, on the "stereotype threat" the literature on the subject  showing that even alone in an exam room, we hear a chorus of voices appraising, evaluating, passing judgment. And as social creatures, humans are strongly affected by what these voices say." Ryan Red Corn is presenting us with a view of the force of the stereotype threat on his people.

EarthSayer Ryan Red Corn

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