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Artists and musicians who are addressing social, cultural, environmental and/or economic elements of sustainability through their art and communication talents.

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Protesting JPMorgan Chase's Fossil Fuel Investments by Reverend Billy

For more than a decade activist performance artist Bill Talen a.k.a. Reverend Billy, along with his Church of Stop Shopping, has preached fiery sermons against recreational consumerism -- and more recently, against climate disaster. In September, Rev. Billy was arrested after staging a 15-minute musical protest at a JPMorgan Chase Bank in Manhattan to highlight the bank's environmental record and the extinction of a Central American golden toad. He now faces a year in prison for misdemeanor charges of riot in the second degree, menacing in the third degree, unlawful assembly and two counts of disorderly conduct. Despite this, he and ThWhat Would Jesus Buy?e Stop Shopping Choir are performing in New York City every Sunday through December 22. Rev. Billy is also featured in the film "What Would Jesus Buy?" and in the book of the same name.

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EarthSayer Billy Talen

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