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As a result of a United Nations General Assembly resolution passed in December 2008, World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8th each year. This annual event spurred the creation of a special collections around our oceans and the efforts being made in conservation ranging from pollution to habitat restoration to fishing and fisheries.

The special collection continues to grow along with Plastic in Our Oceans and 1Water, with a focus on the challenge of providing clean drinking water to the world population.

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Putting Our Oceans Up Front by Anthony Zolezzi

Melissa McGinnis is in Dana Point, California with eco expert Anthony Zolezzii who just wrapped up the Fortune Green conference. Zolessi thinks the most profound thing he has learned during the conference is that 50% of our oxygen comes from the ocean. People don't put the ocean up front like they do for rainforests, or carbon, or greenhouse gasses. People have to be really, really sensitive on how we look at water in the future.

EarthSayer Anthony Zolezzi

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