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Inspired by the Capital Institute's Third Millennium Economy initiative, this collection highlights those voices - ecological economists, sociologist, finance professionals, environmentalists, community developers - advocating a restructuring of our economy to transition to a truly sustainable economic system.

Curated by mokiethecat

How to Incentivise Sustainable Finance -Panel Discussion

Many critics claim that the problem with economics is that it has no theory of value. From early economists, such as Smith, Ricardo and Marx, to later economists, pinning value to economics has proved disputatious. In turn, problems with understanding value reverberate to problems with money, problems with the long term and problems with sustainability.

This panel discussion at this Long Finance conference will examine the question of "How to Incentivise Sustainable Finance"? Published on Mar 15, 2012
The panellists are (from left to right):
- Professor Michael Mainelli
- Dr Matthew Kiernan
- Valéry Lucas-Leclin
- Joss Tantram


EarthSayers Valéry Lucas-Leclin; Michael Mainelli; Joss Tantram

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