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Inspired by the Capital Institute's Third Millennium Economy initiative, this collection highlights those voices - ecological economists, sociologist, finance professionals, environmentalists, community developers - advocating a restructuring of our economy to transition to a truly sustainable economic system.

Curated by mokiethecat

Enough is Enough by Ashol Khosla

We have to recognize we are at a juncture of history where we have not choice but to move fast to a very different way of life. The younger generation has got to stand up and be counted. Ashok Khosla is Chairman of Development Alternatives in New Delhi, India. Previously, Khosla established and headed the Office of Environmental Planning and Coordination in India's national government. Khosla subsequently was Director of INFOTERRA, the global information system of the UN Environment Programme, was a Special Advisor to the Brundtland Commission, and served as an advisor to the United Nations, World Bank and Global Environmental Facility.

EarthSayer Ashol Khosla

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