Wisdom from the Origins 2012

About This Collection

Wisdom from the Origins: The Mayan Calendar and Other Prophecies on the Future of Humanity was held on September 13-17, 2012, in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was hosted by the SEED Graduate Institute

This special collection highlights the work of presenters at the conference and is intended to introduce you to their thinking, teachings, and practice.




Curated by mokiethecat

Wisdom from the Origins Conference Preview by SEED Institute

Invitation to attend the SEED Institute's Wisdom from the Origins Conference, The Mayan Calendar, and other Prophecies on the Future of Humanity on September 13-17, 2012. (Schedule) The video features video clips from videos of conference presenters Gregg Braden, Grandmother Flordemayo (Mayan), LeRoy Little Bear (Blackfoot), Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sequoyah Trueblood (Choctaw), Tata Pedro Cruz (Mayan), and footage from a Dancing Earth performance, Of Bodies of Elements.

Produced by Ruth Ann Barrett, EarthSayers.tv, Portland, Oregon.

EarthSayers Gregg Braden; Grandmother Flordemayo; Sequoyah Trueblood

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