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What is climate change? A definition from the Department of Ecology of Washington State reads: Climate includes patterns of temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind and seasons. It affects more than just a change in the weather and refers to seasonal changes over a long period of time. These climate patterns play a fundamental role in shaping natural ecosystems, and the human economies and cultures that depend on them.

It may be used inter-changably with global warming as they’re closely related. Global warming causes climates to change. Here is NASA discussion on the two terms, What's In A Name?

We recommend you listen and learn which is the best advice we can give to begin to understand the challenges before us.

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Sustainable is the new Profitable. Green is the new Digital. Covid-19 is a test-run 4 #ClimateChange
February 06, 2021

This is a teaser-video for brand-new 2021 keynote topic: SUSTAINABLE IS THE NEW PROFITABLE. GREEN IS THE NEW DIGITAL.

IMHO, the decarbonisation of our economy is the biggest challenge AND the biggest opportunity in this coming decade. This topic has been on the agenda for decades but had to first be kick-started by the Corona crisis: The radical decarbonisation of our economies and the ‘gradually, then suddenly‘ departure from the fossil-fuel era.

Wide-ranging new carbon taxes are inevitable, and so is the sudden end of the $3.5 Trillion global fossil fuel subsidy madness. During the Covid-19 crisis we have learned that being prepared for emergencies is utterly essential – and that we can compromise and collaborate if we have to. Covid-19 is a test-run for climate change.

The circular economy is the only economy we’ll have in 2030, and ‘sustainable’ is becoming the new ‘profitable’ within the next 5 years. Any company that does not understand how the global move towards decarbonisation will impact every segment of their business – from R&D to supply-chain to production to distribution to marketing to branding – will wither and shrink or fade away completely. Any individual that does not understand what this shift means as far as knowledge, skills and mindset is concerned, will quickly become dispensable.

In this talk, I explain why this tectonic shift is happening now, what it really means, and how to get behind it and prosper in this fork-in-the-road decade that’s coming up.

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