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Let's hear from our children, and their advocates, on the social, environmental, cultural, and economic concerns around sustainability and the call to always act responsibly and with the next seven generations in mind. The collection will also feature, from time to time, adults who are speaking on behalf of children. 

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Nibi (Water) Gathering at Turtle Lodge

Water is an element that can unite our Nations to serve a common purpose. 
     We are making an International Call to attend the Nibi Water Gathering at the Turtle Lodge, on the Shores of Lake Winnipeg, one of our most endangered lakes, where the four rivers meet, on June 4 and 5, 2015.
     At the Water Ceremony the Original People of Turtle Island (North America) will formally establish their leadership. The Nibi Water Gathering will coincide with the honouring of leaders in Earth stewardship, those who have been spiritually guided in their leadership, and the honouring of Youth completing their rites of passage to adulthood.
     It is our hope that People of all cultures will attend and make their gifts and offerings to the Water!

Video Produced on Location by Erica Daniels at Turtle Lodge and Manitou Api, copyright Turtle Lodge 2015. Water Song Credit to Mary Maytwayashing. Thunderbird Artwork Credit to Norval Morrisseau. Published on Jan 21, 2015

Nibi Water Gathering
A Gathering of All Nations was held on June 4 and 5th 2015 in the 
Ogimakamik Lodge of Leadership at Turtle Lodge, On the Shores of Lake Winnipeg
Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba, Canada

EarthSayers Dave Courchene; Erica Daniels

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