Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

About This Collection

The purpose of this collection is to explore the many facets of Corporate Social Responsibility by listening to the wide range of voices addressing CSR. There are other EarthSayers collections that can prove helpful to include the series to include: 3BL Media, the CSR Minute and Report, as well as the events International Corporate Citizenship, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, and the Corporate Citizenship Film Festival.

There are interconnections between CSR and both social and environmental sustainability with the broad concept of sustainability encompassing people, planet, and prosperity.

Curated by mokiethecat

2011 Global Corporate Responsibility Research by Cone

Cone conducted an online survey, and we described “corporate responsibility” to the 1,000 respondents in each country broadly as “companies changing their business practices and giving their support to address social and environmental issues.” In this report, we’ll share their opinions on: The role of business in society – It’s to change it.

Leading issues – Focus on material issues. Leading approaches – Maximize core business competencies. Impact – Socially minded consumers make the world go ‘round. Communications – Tell it how it is. Download the 2012 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker