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This category covers a wide range of key words and phrases, but basically features EarthSayers who emphasize the importance of consciousness, being awake and aware and in this context, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all beings and acting accordingly with intelligence and compassion. Keywords included in this category range from spirituality and religion to consumerism and conservation. Stories and myths that reflect our beliefs and attitudes will also be found in this special collection.

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An Ecology of Mind, The Gregory Bateson Documentary

Documentary of one of the great philosphers of the 20th Century, an epistemologist - anthropologist.Uploaded on Dec 25, 2010

Gregory Bateson
[1904 - 1980] - Anthropologist, Social Scientist, Cyberneticist - known as Gregory– was one of the most 
important social scientists of this century. Strongly opposing those scientists who attempted to ‘reduce’
everything to mere matter, he was intent upon the task of re-introducing ‘Mind’ back into the scientific
equations -writing two famous books Steps to an Ecology of Mind, and Mind & Nature as part of this task.
From his point of view Mind is a constituent part of ‘material reality’ and it is thus nonsensical to try to split
mind from matter. Before being championed by the counter-culture of the 1960’s Bateson had been busy
in the 20’s and 30’s as an anthropologist in Bali, and in helping to found the science of cybernetics among
many other things. Adopted by many thinkers in the anti-psychiatry movement because he provided a
model and a new epistemology for developing a novel understanding of human madness, and also for
his invention of the theory of the double bind.



EarthSayer Gregory Bateson

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