Culture and Consciousness

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This category covers a wide range of key words and phrases, but basically features EarthSayers who emphasize the importance of consciousness, being awake and aware and in this context, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all beings and acting accordingly with intelligence and compassion. Keywords included in this category range from spirituality and religion to consumerism and conservation. Stories and myths that reflect our beliefs and attitudes will also be found in this special collection.

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Fostering a Culture of Sustainability: The Role of Cultural Indicators by Doug Worts


This workshop examines how society has institutionalized the notion of culture and placed it within a leisure-time, tourist-oriented and academically-based niche of the world's economy. It also includes a discussion of the Critical Assessment Framework tool for envisioning programs and indicators designed to help foster a culture of sustainability. Participants identify and reflect on assumptions, insights and blind spots in society. Presenters: Douglas Worts, Culture and Sustainability Specialist, World Views Consulting and Dr. Lynne Teather, Professor, Master of Museum Studies Program, University of Toronto. Uploaded on Dec 29, 2010

EarthSayers Dr. Lynne Teather; Douglas Worts

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