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David MacDougall on Filmmaking
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Filmmaker David MacDougal was interviewed by Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv at the What is Documentary? conference held at the University of Oregon in Portland, April 24-26, 2014.  He talks about process, doing everything yourself, and the structure of documentary filmmaking ending with comments on What is Documentary?

David is an ethnographic filmmaker and writer on visual anthropology and documentary cinema. Born in the USA of American and Canadian parents, he has lived in Australia since 1975. He was educated at Harvard University and the University of California at Los Angeles. His first film  His latest film, Gandhi's Children (2008), concerns a shelter for homeless children in New Delhi. MacDougall is the author of Transcultural Cinema (Princeton University Press, 1998) and The Corporeal Image: Film, Ethnography, and the Senses (Princeton, 2006). For a complete list of his work visit here inlcuding his films with Judith MacDougall and a number of films on indigenous communities in Australia, including Goodbye Old Man (1977), Takeover (1980), Stockman's Strategy (1984) and Link-Up Diary (1987).  A second interview about his films on the children attending the Doon School in India is available here on EarthSayers.tv

Published on Apr 30, 2014

EarthSayer David MacDougall
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Getting Mad then Inspired - Dr. Bernice Sandler Interview
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MC Human Rights Hall of Fame honored Dr. Bernice Sandler and in this interview she talks about her work through the years on behalf of women. She played a major role in the development and passage of Title IX and other laws prohibiting sex discrimination in education, and has been associated with Title IX longer than any other person. The New York Times has referred to her as the “godmother of Title IX.”

Chilly climate, not addressed by Title IX are the subtle ways women and minorities are often treated, not just women -  less contact, less praise, less....


EarthSayer Bernice Sadler
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Inspire the Next Generation of Ocean Activists by David Helvarg
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David Helvarg of the Blue Frontier Campaign discusses 50 Ways to Save the Ocean program designed to equip individuals with the tools to make a difference for our oceans. We are looking to use this tool to inspire the next wave of ocean activists by bringing it into classrooms using our teaching guides. We have recently completed a guide compiling already-existing lesson plans aimed at grades 9-12 that relate to the 50 Ways. This document is featured on National Geographic's Ocean Education's website.

To order his book from Amazon, click on the image or visit your local bookstore.

We are now working on original lesson plans for grades K-2. Funding for this program would enable us to complete the K-2 lesson plans, conduct outreach to educators and create opportunities for illustrator Jim Toomey (creator of theSherman's Lagoon cartoon strip) and author David Helvarg to present 50 Ways in educational settings.

Blue Frontier Campaign is a proven leader in building the solution-based constituency needed to protect our ocean, our coasts and the communities that depend upon them. We work to highlight the economic, environmental, recreational and spiritual benefits of healthy and abundant seas, understanding that the environment doesn't end at the shoreline and that if we school together, we can make a difference.

Visit our crowdfunding page.


EarthSayer David Helvarg
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Acumen Fund Fellows - A New Generation of Leaders
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Learn more about the Acumen Fund Fellows Program here. www.acumenfund.org/fellows.html

Uploaded on Sep 30, 2010

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Stop with Labeling Our Children by Janice Taylor
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Janice Taylor of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada addresses the practice of labeling behavior of children and the negative consequences of doing so. After growing up to a single mom in poverty and facing the challenges of difficult circumstances, Janice has turned her life experiences and education into a winning combination. She is pioneering the world of social networks with her creation of Just Be Friends Network Inc. with the aim to reduce the growing epidemic of bullying, cyber bullying and unhealthy relationships among children/youth ages 4-13.

TEDx Kelowna speech.

EarthSayer Janice Taylor
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Closing the Technology Gap by Frank Schott of NetHope
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Most of the world still lacks adequate technology which hurts business growth, slows aid to disaster victims, and keeps people NetHopefrom communicating with each other. NetHope is the bridge across the technology gap. We bring together the world's leading humanitarian groups and high tech companies in a common cause, which multiplies the power of these groups. The narrator is Frank Schott, Global Program Director at NetHope.

EarthSayer Frank Schott
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When One Teaches, Many Learn by Riland King
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Inspired by the idea that "when one teaches, many learn," Ryland King, a 2012 Brower Youth Award Winner, founded Environmental Education for the Next Generation, a program that recruits college students to teach elementary school kids about our environment. King wanted to "promote sustainable action throughout communities, from the youngest members of society up" and so he designed an eight-week curriculum for college students to teach first and second graders. The curriculum, which is aligned with the California State Board of Education's content standards, includes topics like "The Importance of Bees," "Composting," and "Water Conservation." In less than three years, 400 college student volunteers have taught more than 3,000 elementary school students in 200 classrooms across California. King hopes that by 2015 college students will be teaching at least 14,000 elementary school students a year.

EarthSayer Ryland King
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The Little Wave by Stephen Lamoreaux
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Follow the journey of a little wave as it travels down a watery trail, encountering creatures along the way who explain mankind's careless misuse of natural resources. This beautifully illustrated environmental story, written in rhyme, teaches young and old that abusing the planet does not come without consequences, but even the smallest positive change in behavior can make a big difference.

By Stephen Lamoreaux Properly educated children are the key to the future of environmental protection. Please review this children's book - The Little Wave: An Adventure in Earthly Care - Part One

To order from Amazon, click on the image or visit your local bookstore. Thank you.

EarthSayer Stephen Lamoreaux
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Re-tradtionalization and Teachings by Professor Cornel Pewewardy
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Professor Cornel Pewewardy is a traditional Comanche-Kiowa elder and Director of Indigenous Nations Studies at Portland State University. He talks about the negative effects of education on indigenous culture and language. Re-traditionalization is his term for this shift in education, a tribal approach to education.   He spoke on February 11, 2011 in Portland, Oregon.

EarthSayer Professor Cornel Pewewardy
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Transforming Lives throught Education by UST Global
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UST Global has partnered with several government schools and other NGO's in southern India to provide uniforms, school supplies, books and computers to help in the education process. Associates also tutor, mentor and encourage children to stay in school and dream big.

Date unknown Format Corporate
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