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Why we disagree about facts? by Sander van der Linden |
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A talk that is more relevant now than ever, Dr van der Linden discusses the ways in which falsehoods spread across various forms of media and shape the opinion of the broader public. Through a single example, he demonstrates the ways in which fake news can cause irreversible damage to one’s view of facts. Dr. Sander van der Linden is a University Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Social Psychology at the University of Cambridge, where he directs the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab. He is also a Fellow in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. Prior to Cam- bridge, van der Linden held academic positions at Princeton and Yale University. He has won numerous awards for his research on social in uence, judgment, communication, and decision-making, including awards from the American Psycho- logical Association (APA), the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) and the International Associ- ation of Applied Psychology (IAAP). His research has been widely publicized in the media, including outlets such as the New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, and the BBC. He received the Frank Prize in Public Interest Communications in 2017 from the University of Florida. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

EarthSayer Dr Sander van der Linden
Date 6/23/2017 Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Leadership Development More Details
What is Sustainability to Eastman Chemical Company?
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What is Sustainability? The vision for Sustainability at Eastman Chemical is that sustainability is embedded in everything we do. It's about balance. It's about making choices and being part of solutions to do what's right for business and what's right for the planet. Sustainability is a way for us to use our heads, show our hearts, but use our brains. It's an attitude, a state of mind. It is directly linked to innovation.

Godefroy Motte, SVP, Regional and Sustainability Officer, Eastman; Jim Rogers, Chairman and CEO, Eastman,

EarthSayers Godefroy Motte; Jim Rogers
Date 6/26/2013 Format Corporate
Length 2:49 Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection What is Sustainability? More Details
Cannabis Boot Camp, Intro to Cannabis Botany with Emma Chasen
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This video of Emma Chasen's teaching, through the Sativa Science Club, is basic training for budtenders with an emphasis on the science of the plant. While directed to budtenders, it  is relevant to all those involved in the marketing and sales of cannabis products. She is Director of Education at Farma in Portland, Oregon.

The training of budtenders is about enabling them to be better able to speak with a degree of scientific legitimacy to a wide range of audiences, including those with medical concerns is of a high priority. She emphasizes in her training that craft cannabis is all about organic growing, sustainability, and education. Emma Chasen was recently named Portland’s Best Budtender of 2016 and featured in Newsweek and MG Magazine for her work with Cannabis and patients. Her mission is to educate people on the science behind Cannabis so that they may take charge of their own healing as well as to address the need for training and education of budtenders, medical professionals, and the general public.

After graduating from Brown University in 2014 with a degree in Medicinal Plant Research, Emma went on to coordinate Clinical Oncology trials with the Brown University Oncology Research Group. When her supervisor refused a Cannabis trial in favor of another expensive pharmaceutical drug, Emma quit and headed across the country to Portland, OR.

She found her way to Farma, the popular Portland dispensary that takes a more scientific approach to Cannabis; rejecting the Indica/Sativa binary and instead focusing on chemotypes to determine effect. There she has been able to study the plant and help patients reframe their relationship with Cannabis as medicine. She now manages Farma and helps to train staff on Cannabis science, research and empathetic patient care.

This is a production of The Center for a Sustainable Today and Sustainability Action Media (SAM). Videographer is Barry Heidt with editing by Tom Hopkins and curation by Ruth Ann Barrett.

EarthSayer Emma Chasen
Date unknown Format Teaching
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Cannabis Community More Details
We Have to Keep Fighting: Standing Rock
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Water Protectors Vow Continued Resistance to DAPL as Main Camp Is Evicted

Reported on by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.

Published on Feb 23, 2017

In North Dakota, the main resistance camp set up by Lakota water protectors fighting the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline has been largely vacated after protesters were ordered to leave the camp on Wednesday. Police arrested around 10 people. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the North Dakota governor had imposed a noon eviction deadline for the hundreds of water protectors still living at the resistance camp. Prayers ceremonies were held on Wednesday, and part of the camp was set on fire before the eviction began. Water protectors say the resistance camp sits on unceded Sioux territory under the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie and that they have a right to remain on their ancestral land. A couple dozen people remain at the camp. The ongoing encampments in North Dakota were the largest gathering of Native Americans in decades. At its peak, more than 10,000 people were at the resistance camp. Earlier this month, construction crews resumed work on the final section of the pipeline, after the Trump administration granted an easement to allow Energy Transfer Partners to drill beneath the Missouri River. We go to Standing Rock to speak with LaDonna Brave Bull Allard and Linda Black Elk.
EarthSayers Linda Black Elk; LaDonna Brave Bull Allard
Date unknown Format News
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Standing Rock Indian Reservation More Details
Peace by Grace Eagle Reed
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As part of the InterFaith Call to Inclusion, we interviewed Grace Eagle Reed in Portland, Oregon. Grace was born into Tsa La Gi culture and was adopted by Lakota Grace Spotted Eagle and taught traditional ways. Produced and videotaped by Ruth Ann Barrett and Barry Heidt of EarthSayers.tv, Voices of Sustainability, November, 2016 in wake of the 2016 Election.

EarthSayer Grace Eagle Reed
Date unknown Format Series
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Interfaith Voices: Call to Inclusion More Details
Dave Courchene sends a message to Peru
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Elder Dave Courchene

Known to many as Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Leading Earth Man), Dave Courchene has touched many lives through his teachings. Choosing to leave a successful career, he has devoted himself to learning the knowledge and traditions of Indigenous People. A respected Elder, his work has been seen around the world. Serving as a member of the

Wisdom Keepers of the United Nations since 1992, he has acted in an advisory capacity to the UN in areas of spirituality and sustainable environmental approaches. In his efforts to bring message of peace and hope to the world, he founded Turtle Lodge in 2002. The lodge has since earned an international reputation as a place of learning, healing and sharing for all people. In efforts to continue carrying the message of peace across the world, he has most recently shared the stage with the Dalai Lama.

EarthSayer Dave Courchene
Date unknown Format Teaching
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Wisdom Keepers More Details
Learning from Indigenous Peoples & Ethnic Diversity by Randy Woodley
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Randy Woodley | Learning from Indigenous Peoples & Ethnic Diversity | The GlobalChurch Project

Published on Jan 16, 2016
Randy Woodley & Graham Hill discuss embracing ethnic diversity & learning from indigenous communities. On "The GlobalChurch Project". Shortened version of interview. Full 35-minute version available here

Randy Woodley is a descendent of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. He and his wife Edith lead a local Native American gathering at their home. They’ve developed a holistic model of service among Native Americans, out of which grew a 50 acre sustainable farm and Christian community. In this community, the Woodleys taught sustainability, eco-justice, microeconomics, leadership, and mission. In 2008 they gave up their farm and were forced to disband the community due to violence from local White Supremacists.

Randy Woodley is a founding member of the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies. He’s passionate about emerging faith expressions, diversity, eco-justice, reconciliation, mission, and indigenous peoples.

Graham Hill is the Founder and Director of The GlobalChurch Project, and Vice Principal of Morling Theological College, Sydney, Australia.

The Global Church Project films Christian leaders and churches from Africa and Asia and Latin America. We also film in the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, First Nations, Indigenous communities, the Middle East, and Oceania, and in diaspora and immigrant communities. Today, these non-Western cultures are the Majority World. The GlobalChurch Project presents resources to support these films. Small group resources. Curriculum for college classes. Books. Training videos. A blog. Coaching. Consultancy. College and short courses
EarthSayer Randy Woodley
Date unknown Format Interview
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Wisdom Keepers More Details
Incorporating Indigenous Wisdom into Sustainability Education
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Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways President Ilarion Larry Merculieff (Aleut) talks about his life, culture and knowledge as an indigenous leader. At the AASHE 2015 Conference and Expo he shared his perspective and vision for transforming sustainability education. January 5, 2016

EarthSayer Ilarion Merculieff
Date unknown Format Teaching
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Ilarion Merculieff More Details
E.O. Wilson: Advice to young scientists by E.O. Wilson
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 "The world needs you, badly," begins celebrated biologist E.O. Wilson in his letter to a young scientist. Previewing his upcoming book, he gives advice collected from a lifetime of experience -- reminding us that wonder and creativity are the center of the scientific life. (Filmed at TEDMED.) Published on Jun 25, 2012
EarthSayer E.O. Wilson
Date unknown Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Leadership Development More Details
Robin Kimmerer
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Published on Mar 18, 2014

Dr. Kimmerer is a mother, scientist, writer and Distinguished Teaching Professor of Environmental Biology at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, New York and the founding Director of the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment whose mission is to create programs which draw on the wisdom of both indigenous and scientific knowledge for our shared goals of sustainability.
EarthSayer Robin Kimmerer, Ph.D.
Date unknown Format Teaching
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Robin Kimmerer, Ph.D. More Details

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