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Conserving what's left, renewal, growing new ones, and hearing from the many peoples facing loss of their communities due to the mismanagement and exploitation of forests this special collection gets its start with the launch of the Global Forest Watch (GFW)

GFW is a project where the World Resource Institute brought together fourteen major sponsors, including Rebecca Moore of Google Earth who pioneered the use of mapping to protect our lands and people, enables our citizens to participate in and benefit from an "open data approach in putting decision-relevant information in the hands of governments, companies, NGOs, and the public." 

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The Paradigm Project by Greg Spencer

Greg Spencer presented at the TBN National Conference 2011, speaking about the Paradigm Project, a for-profit business providing healthy, efficient stoves to Africa that drastically reduces a family's consumption of wood and inhalation of smoke and improves their economic stability.

Not only does their business help the poor, it leverages billions of dollars of value in the carbon markets, reduces deforestation, and changes the paradigm faced by many that creating profits from the poor cannot profit for the poor.

Check out the other presentations, videos and audio recordings from the conference at http://www.tbnetwork.org/uknc11/media

EarthSayer Greg Spencer

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