Sustainability in Higher Education

About This Collection

This collection was inspired by our coverage of the The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability (AASHE) 2014 Annual Conference held in Portland, Oregon in October, 2014.

As we grow the collection we intend to feature institutes such as the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and other organizations of higher learning focused on increasing the adoption of sustainability principles and practices.

Curated by earthsayer

Education for a Sustainable Future by Dale and Tom Hallat

Documentary Pproduced by Dale and Tom Hallat of the Prosocial Progress Foundation (PPF) a non-profit, public foundation based in the United Kingdom with an international interest within its focus. It acts as an advocacy group which promotes economic, environmental and behavioural solutions to problems within our societies.

PPF is dedicated to communicating to governments, schools and education institutions, the application of effective behavioural tools found within the field of behaviour analysis, as well as the application of scientific knowledge that can drive our societies towards environmental sustainability

EarthSayers Tom Hallat; Dale Hallat

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