Plastic in Our Oceans

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This collection was inspired by EarthSayer interviews of Roz Savage, ocean rower and environmental campaigner and Howard Lack, CEO of the Foundation, Plastic Oceans. 

Plastic Oceans provides a powerful and effective platform campaigning for, supporting and funding targeted solutions aimed at significantly reducing plastic pollution in the environment. Their aim is to significantly reduce plastic pollution in the environment. This collection calls out organizations and individuals around the globe who share a concern for the plight of our oceans.

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Deplastifying The Arctic's Pristine Waters

Apr 8, 2021, SustainabilityX magazine

Plastic pollution in the oceans is so widespread that it is becoming a major concern for environmentalists around the world. It is estimated that more than four million tons of plastic waste get into the ocean every year and the number is expected to rise in the next 10 years.

Recently, scientists discovered a huge load of microplastic frozen in the Arctic ocean increasing fear about the harm they may be causing to marine life and humans. They found around 12,000 pieces of microplastic hidden in a sample of one liter of ice seawater. The microplastics were so little that they could easily be ingested by tiny sea animals.

What can we do to tackle this global challenge? Here are five solutions that can help.