High Risk Energy Sources

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The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan raised new concerns about the risk of another nuclear reactor disaster.  The explosion of the FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR POWER PLANT gives our citizens cause to re-examine the risk assumed by the public. At this writing, the full extent of the damage to the plant, the community, and the environment is unknown - it will take years.

At the same time concerns over the high risks associated with extracting natural gas and as noted in a Financial Times article is "energy that comes from the same place as our drinking water. Extracting it had better be safe. The political fault lines over hydraulic fracturing (hence the term fracking) have been easy to predict for anyone paying attention to the controversies over climate change and genetically modified organisms. France’s national assembly voted to ban fracking while in the US its been full steam ahead in 32 states. These are high risk alternative energy sources. 


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Community Organizing at Alliance for Nuclear Accountability Conference

TalkingStickTV - Panel discussion on "Community Organizing: Stories From Local Groups" from the Conference of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability "Celebrating 25 Years of Success"
recorded September 22, 2012 at the Good Shepard Center in Seattle, WA. Speakers include Ralph Hutchison with the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, Lisa Crawford with Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Health (FRESH), Marylia Kelley with Tri-Valley Communities Against a Radioactive Environment, Pamela Kingfisher with Native Americans for a Clean Environment, Natalia Mironova with the Russian Movement for Nuclear Safety and Bob Schaeffer with Public Policy Communications.

EarthSayers Lisa Crawford; Pamela Kingfisher; Bob Schaeffer

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