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Dave Courchene - Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Leading Earth Man)

The Turtle Lodge International Centre for Indigenous Education and Wellness is a sacred lodge of the Anishinabe Peoples, situated in Sagkeeng First Nation on the Southern tip of Lake Winnipeg, Canada.

The Lodge was built in 2002 in fulfillment of a vision received by Elder Dave Courchene. For the First Peoples of America, visions and dreams have always offered guidance in life. Following our visions has helped us remain connected to the Great Spirit and the land. The turtle for the First Peoples is a symbol of truth, and the Elders believe that Dave’s vision of the lodge can bring healing to people and peace to the world.

The Lodge is internationally recognized as a place for sharing universal and ancient knowledge, for reconnecting to the earth and nature, and for sharing among people of all races and nations. It is founded upon spiritual, land-based teachings that bring balance to life, with the fundamental goal of Mino-Pi-Mati-Si-Win – A Good and Peaceful Way of Life. Mino-Pi-Matisi-Win is about seeing, listening, feeling, speaking, and acting from the heart.

Elder Courchene is an international leader who addresses the climate crisis.

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A DREAM: Get Ready by Dave Courchene

A DREAM: Get Ready - Received by Nii Gaani Aki Inini,Leading Earth Man (Dave Courchene) Sep 25, 2018 posted by The Turtle Lodge. 

“…I even wondered what did the grandfathers mean the change is very close now and there was no time to waste I knew that it hadto be something natural was it the weather was it the elements of life fire the wind the earthquakes the tornadoes the hurricanes droughts will the economycrash would it be something similar to the depression and the terrors but more severe when we reflect on the current world conditions there is no doubt of a need for a major change the need tochange our current attitudes to values that support life a change is needed to be more kind more compassionate more giving and sharing…”

EarthSayer Dave Courchene

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