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ethical corporation logoEthical Corporation’s Responsible Business Summit Europe (7-8 June 2017) and New York events brought a ‘Social Purpose and quantified Impact' focus to the agenda. It was held at the Hilton Tower Bridge in London, UK and  Discussions addressed:

The end of CSR and the dawn of the Social Purpose Era. 

Data, information and insight.

Internal engagement strategy – Prove your case.

External engagement and Communications.

In-depth roundtable and breakout workshops to tackle some of the critical issues: human rights, deforestation, SDG integration, carbon emissions, circular economy, partnerships

Curated by earthSayer

Human Rights Keynote: The [UK] Modern Slavery Act and how are leading corporations responding?

Published on Jul 17, 2017

Keynote session from the Responsible Business Summit Europe 2017.

The legislation framed the challenge, but being compliant isn’t enough. How to recognise and force remedy to human rights challenges in your direct sphere of influence…and beyond.

Hear exclusive insights from Oxfam, The Cooperative, Assent Compliance and Institute for Human Rights and Business.

EarthSayers Sara Carpenter; John Morrison; Steve Murrells

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