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Economics for a thriving planet | RSA Events
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How should we understand the ‘value’ of nature?

The natural world provides all the building blocks of our lives and societies; we are embedded within it, and nothing without it. But our economies currently operate as though separate from nature, with consumption outstripping its supply of resources, and environmental degradation and instability worsening faster than ever.

What we need, argues Sir Partha Dasgupta, is to redefine the relationship between ecology and economy. His recently published Review on The Economics of Biodiversity proposes applying an economic lens to the value of the natural world to understand and measure the rich array of resources our planet provides, and how to use them responsibly. How can this approach help us to transform our extractive and exploitative relationship with nature into a sustainable and respectful one? Can quantifying the value of nature in economic terms be consistent with valuing our planet for its own sake?

An expert panel gathers to reflect on the findings and recommendations in the Dasgupta Review, and discuss how to rebuild our economic system with sustainable prosperity at its heart.

EarthSayer Sir Partha Dasgupta
Date 4/22/2021 Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Biodiversity More Details
Online Conference on #Sustainability and the Future of #Capitalism March 12 2020 Gerd Leonhard
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Gerd Leonhard Futurist, Author and Keynote Speaker
Zürich / Switzerland
http://www.techvshuman.com (my latest book)

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Twitter: @gleonhard

EarthSayer Gerd Leonhard
Date 1/4/2021 Format Panel
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Transforming Our Economy More Details
Financing and Measuring the Circular Economy - Capturing the Opportunity
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In this session you will hear about financing and measuring the circular economy: how it helps deliver on climate and other ESG goals, while being a source of better and new growth; how the circular economy financing market has grown steeply across asset classes over the last two years; and how circularity performance can be measured to inform decision making by both business leaders and financiers.
Thank you for watching this video. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a UK charity working on the business, learning, insights & analysis, and communications to accelerate the transition towards the circular economy.

Find out more about our work here: www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org


Date 12/11/2020 Format Panel
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection The Circular Economy More Details
#RBEU Putting Sustainability at the Heart of the Recovery Strategy
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This session was part of the 2-day live Responsible Business Europe 2020 broadcast - https://www.reutersevents.com/events/rbs

Speakers Include: David Grayson, chairman, IBE

EarthSayer David Grayson
Date 11/17/2020 Format Webinar (Zoom+)
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Transforming Our Economy More Details
Climate Justice: Radioactive And Toxic Waste, Racism, And Rising Oceans
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At the recent Global Training in July 2020, former Vice President Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project continued their call to prioritize and center the environmental justice work of communities of color and indigenous communities. In this spirit, we invite you to learn about and engage with Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice's "We Can't Breathe" campaign in San Francisco's Bayview and Hunters Point (BVHP) neighborhoods, a low-income community of color (33.7 percent African American, 30.7 percent Asian, and 24.9 percent Latinx per the 2010 Census) where residents suffer from high rates of asthma and cancer and where radioactive waste and toxic contamination at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Superfund site and multiple other contaminated sites are located.

As one of the lowest-lying points in San Francisco, BVHP will also be first impacted by rising oceans, which have already risen by almost 8 inches as of 2016 and which threaten to create flooding of hazardous and radioactive waste of neighborhoods, transportation infrastructure, and the entire San Francisco Bay, while several hundred new luxury homes have been built next to and possibly on top of radioactive contamination, and 10,000 more homes are planned at the contaminated Shipyard Superfund Site where critics complain that radioactive and toxic cleanup has been marred by fraud and lax standards. Speakers will also discuss the August 25 Car Caravan Protest to San Francisco City Hall for the Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice "We Can't Breathe" Campaign.

Co-presented by The Climate Reality Project Bay Area Chapter

THU, OCT 1 / 12:00 PM PDT

Dalila Adofo
Community Organizer, Policy Advocate, and Coordinator, Bayview Hunters Point Community Air Monitoring Project with Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

Bradley Angel
Executive Director, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

Sabrina Hall
Community Activist; Volunteer; Member, Bayview Hunters Point Mothers and Fathers Committee; Member, Student Site Council and African American Parent Advisory Council, Paul Revere Elementary School; Member, California Environmental Justice Coalition; Vice Chair, Southeast Community Council; Community Organizer, Green Action for Health and Environmental Justice

Ahimsa Sumchai
M.D., P.D., Emergency Medicine Physician; President and Medical Director, Golden State MD Health & Wellness; Principal Investigator, Hunters Point Community Biomonitoring Program; Member, UCSF Medical Alumni Association Board of Directors

Alma Soongi Beck
Climate Justice Co-Chair, Climate Reality Project Bay Area Chapter—Moderator

Join us for the 2020 Commonwealth Club Virtual Gala.
More info here:


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EarthSayers Dalila Adofo; Bradley Angel; Ahimsa Sumchai
Date 10/5/2020 Format Webinar (Zoom+)
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Climate Justice More Details
What it will take to transform the economy? Alan Kay
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Considering the scale of transformation required to realize a circular economy, Alan Kay pulls no punches in describing the size and scope of action that is needed by drawing parallels from historic moments of radical and transformational change. Sponsored by Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

EarthSayer Alan Kay
Date 9/18/2020 Format Instructional
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection The Circular Economy More Details
Fixing the economy and climate after COVID19 | Daniel Magallon
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TEDxBasel June 2020

How we can take advantage of the pandemic crisis and the economic recovery plans to address climate change. Daniel Magallon is a sustainable energy technology, financial, and market specialist with many years of experience implementing projects in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa for private and public organizations. He is also CEO of BASE, a Swiss-based organization dedicated to scaling up investments and finance in climate change solutions, since 2007. His work focuses on developing market-based business models and financial mechanisms. Some of the projects and business models that Daniel has been working on include the “Energy Savings Insurance” model currently in implementation in Latin America, Asia and Europe and “the “Financing RE through remittances project”, “On-bill Financing”, and the “Cooling as a Service” model, which has been recognized by the Global Innovation Lab in 2019. 

EarthSayer Daniel Magallon
Date 6/29/2020 Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Transforming Our Economy More Details
Real Talk Racism and Climate
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The national uprising ignited by the murder of George Floyd has cast a spotlight on the country’s embedded, institutional racism, including the fraught relationship between environmentalism and communities of color. Air pollution, severe weather and the economic upheaval brought on by climate change impacts black and minority communities first and worst, yet their voices are often left out of policy responses and market solutions.

How can we amplify and advocate for leaders of color in the fight against climate change? What can allies do to create a green movement that is inclusive and actively anti-racist? Join us for a conversation with Mustafa Santiago Ali, vice president of environmental justice at the National Wildlife Federation, Robert Bullard, distinguished professor of urban planning and environmental policy at Texas Southern University and winner of the 2019 Stephen Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication, and Glynda Carr, president and CEO of Higher Heights for America.

Mustafa Santiago Ali
Vice President of Environmental Justice, Climate, and Community Revitalization, National Wildlife Federation

Robert Bullard
Distinguished Professor of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy, Texas Southern University

Glynda Carr
CEO and Co-Founder, Higher Heights for America

Greg Dalton
Host, Climate One

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EarthSayers Mustafa Santiago Ali; Robert Bullard; Glynda Carr
Date 6/14/2020 Format Webinar (Zoom+)
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Climate Justice More Details
Racism has a cost for everyone | Heather C. McGhee
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Racism makes our economy worse -- and not just in ways that harm people of color, says public policy expert Heather C. McGhee. From her research and travels across the US, McGhee shares startling insights into how racism fuels bad policymaking and drains our economic potential -- and offers a crucial rethink on what we can do to create a more prosperous nation for all. "Our fates are linked," she says. "It costs us so much to remain divided."

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EarthSayer Heather McGhee
Date 5/8/2020 Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Culture and Consciousness More Details
How the last two centuries led to today?s economy | Adam Davidson | Big Think
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How the last two centuries led to today’s economy
Adam Davidson, co-founder of NPR's Planet Money, can trace a line through time from homemade clothing and baked goods to today's passion economy. Davidson argues that a combination of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is how we got to where we are.

We shifted from an intimate and localized economy of goods and services to an economy of scale, and finally to what Davidson refers to as "intimacy at scale."

There are, of course, positive attributes to this hybrid economic system, but it also comes with some of the flaws of its predecessors.

ADAM DAVIDSON is the cofounder of NPR's Planet Money podcast and a staff writer at The New Yorker, where he covers economics and business. Previously he was an economics writer for The New York Times Magazine. He has won many of journalism's most prestigious awards, including a Peabody for his coverage of the financial crisis.

His latest book The Passion Economy: The New Rules for Thriving in the Twenty-First Century https://amzn.to/2X31pv5

EarthSayer Adam Davidson
Date 4/24/2020 Format Lectures
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Transforming Our Economy More Details

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