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Change or Be Changed by Lester Brown
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Interview with Lester R. Brown in Stockholm, May 7th-8th. Part 1/12. In this issue he talks about security in the context of ecology.  Food may be the weak link as we face massive changes in the years ahead...will we be managing the change? He is with the Earth Policy Institute.

EarthSayer Lester Brown
Date unknown Format Interview
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Transforming Our Economy More Details
A New Reason to Hope-Restoring the Chesapeake Bay
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Restoring our Waters is the story of how people around the country care about The Chesapeake Bay and are turning this caring into citizen action at the State (Maryland) and Federal level.

Like most of the bodies of water on the planet, it is the engine of a regional economy important and is a National Treasure, worthy of protection and deserving of the iconic status of the Florida Everglades, the Great Lakes, or the Mighty Mississippi. Americans who care about clean water, economic security, and national history are asked to sign  petition, and then contact their legislators to demonstrate how important the Chesapeake is to our nation. To participate visit the Restoring Our Waters Website.

EarthSayers Senator Ben Cardin; Chuck Fox
Date unknown Format Documentary
Length unknown Keywords Sustainability More Details
Keep Nestle Out of Columbia River Gorge: 4,000 Oregonians
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On March 29, 2010, a coalition of environmental and social justice organizations, Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge, led by the consumer advocacy group Food & Water Watch, launched a coordinated campaign to prevent Nestle Waters North America from opening a water bottling facility in Cascade Locks Oregon.Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge opposes the deal because a bottled water facility would lead to the commodification of Oregons public water resources, and potentially jeopardize local wildlife, especially native salmon and steel head species. April 2012 update: Will you help Food and Water Watch cover the cost of a legal appeal to defend Oregon's water from Nestlé?
Make a donation to support Crag Law Center's work on behalf of Food & Water Watch!

EarthSayer Julia De Graw
Date unknown Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection One Water More Details
The Natural Way: We Cannot Live without Water
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Grandma Agnes Baker-Pilgrim talks about how people are crying for water and without water we will all die. We are all connected by water, we are all connected to each other.

EarthSayer Grandma Agnes Baker-Pilgrim
Date unknown Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection One Water More Details
Tapped: the Bottled Water Industry by Stephanie Soechtig
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Trailer for the film, Tapped.  A film produced and directed by Stephanie Seochtig that examines the role of the bottled water industry and its effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and  our reliance on oil. Americans buy 29 Billion single serve bottles of water every year. And bottles are made in petro-chemical plants. www.tappedthemovie.com/
EarthSayers Sara Gibson; Stephanie Soechtig; Michael Walwath
Date unknown Format Trailer
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Plastic in Our Oceans More Details
Bonneville Environmental Foundation: Todd Reeve
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Todd Reeve of the Portland, Oregon based Bonneville Environmental Foundation talks about this small Foundation's three major programs areas.More info on their Website.1. Climate Change, Renewable Energy; (2) Educating  k-12 students on climate change and energy; 3. Watershed (long term) Restoration.

For more leaders, please visit the Portland Sustainability Leadership channel on YouTube sponsored by:
EarthSayer Todd Reeve
Date unknown Format Lectures
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Renewable Energy & The Smart Grid More Details

Displaying 6 videos of 66 matching videos

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