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Green Commerce at the Green Festival

EarthSayer June 14, 2010Introduction by Kevin Danaher, co-founder of the Green Festival, this is a look around the convention floor at the Green Festival Seattle, June 5/6, 2010 showing attendee interest in green products and services and featuring some of the people who represent companies ranging from the Vegetarian Times to the New York Times and the principles of a more sustainable economy and social justice. Co-sponsored by Global Exchange and Green America, this is the premier sustainability and green commerce event in the country and they are held each year in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Sustainability, sustainable development, green commerce

EarthSayer Kevin Danaher
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A Clear Vision: An Equitable Planet 2 of 2
Static PreviewDennis Wilde is a Principal at Gerding Edlen Development and and is a nationally respected green building expert and helped create the Sustainable Solutions division of GEDI. Mr. Wilde has more than 20 years of experience in urban planning and design, and has been active in construction and real estate development since 1980. Mr. Wilde, who joined GEDI in 1997, is responsible for feasibility studies, management of the pre-construction and construction process, tenant improvement coordination and overall project management. One such idea is neighborhood-based systems called EcoDistricts.
In this interview, he talks about how can reduce consumption and address the need for thinking of close loop systems. Very narrowed silo-ing thinking needs to be replaced by wholistic ways of thinking and de-centralized (appropriately scaled) systems.
EarthSayers Barry Heidt; Dennis Wilde
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The Responsibility of Civic and Business Leaders by Karl-Henrik Robert
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Prof. Karl-Henrik Robèrt in an interview focusing on the challenges facing sustainability during the next decade, broadcast at the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership conference. Professor Robèrt emphasizes how civic and business leaders are the ones experienced at understanding the whole system, but now must learn how to define sustainability. 

EarthSayer Karl-Henrick Robert
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Change the Way You Think by WWF
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We live on a finite planet and sometimes our impact on it is greater than we realize. The seemingly isolated actions we take every day, from our choice of morning beverage to our choice of business practices, are often links in a chain of unusual connections we would never have imagined.

The bottom line: The health of business is directly connected to the health of the natural world. And both can grow and flourish—together.

From the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

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Albina Community Bank and Sustainability
Static PreviewMary Edmeades, vice president and social impact banking manager at the Pearl District branch of the Albina Community Bank in Portland, Oregon.  Ms. Edmeades describes the bank's sustainable business practices and support for the arts, local artists and keeping money in the local economy.
EarthSayer Mary Edmeades
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Displaying 5 videos of 45 matching videos

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