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Britain's response to the refugee crisis in numbers
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Published on Sep 9, 2015

Britain's response to the largest refugee crisis in Europe since the second world war has been criticised as insubstantial in comparison with others in the region and within the EU.

But what are the numbers? How much is Britain spending? And does it match the scale of the crisis?
Guardian website

Date 9/9/2015 Format News
Length unknown Keywords Sustainability More Details
The Hope for Change: Ending 'Might Makes Right' by Leif Wenar
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Published on Feb 15, 2016

An excerpt from the Leif Wenar speech of January 27th, 2016 based on his book, "Blood Oil: Tyrants, Violence, and the Rules That Run the World." For more details on 'Might Makes Right' go to the Clean Trade site, here. Excerpted and curated by Ruth Ann Barrett for EarthSayers.tv, Voices of Sustainability.
EarthSayer Leif Wenar
Date unknown Format Lectures
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Clean Trade More Details
Children of Kabul (trailer)
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Taking you into the lives of four young Afghan children – Omid, Sanabar, Yasmina and Fayaz – this short documentary provides first-hand accounts of a generation washing cars, picking garbage, selling food and hammering metal to earn money for their families. Devastated by war and economic difficulties, these children are the breadwinners of their families, creating an uncertain future for the country. DVD available here.

EarthSayers Jon Bougher; Jawad Wahabzada
Date unknown Format Documentary
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Our Youth Speak Up More Details
Prix Pictet prize winner Luc Delahaye
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Prix Pictet is the global award in photography and sustainability and Luc Delahaye is 2013 award winner. Luc Delahaye was announced as the winner of the Prix Pictet Power at the Saatchi Gallery, London on 9 October 2012.

Luc Delahaye is known for his large-scale colour works depicting conflicts, world events or social issues. His pictures are characterised by detachment, directness and rich details, a documentary approach which is countered by dramatic intensity and a narrative structure. Delahaye started his career as a photojournalist.

EarthSayer Luc Delahaye
Date unknown Format Awards
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Artists and Musicians More Details
Design a Crime for Social Impact by Jasmina Tesanovic 
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Jasmina is a Serbian author, feminist, political activist (Women in Black, Code Pink), translator, and filmmaker.  In this TEDx presentation, she brings into consciousness the design of war beginning her story with the genocide in Srebrenica.  The killing of 8,000 muslims, a huge design of crime, is explored and linked to the abuse and pornography women in warfare.  Her message: Responsibility, ethics, morality: that is what design stands on.

June 9, 2012

EarthSayer Jasmina Tesanovic
Date unknown Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Equal Rights for Women and Girls More Details
Rogue Economics by Loretta Napoleoi
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Loretta Napoleoni is first and foremost and expert on the financing of terror networks. She's renowned as an author and journalist both in her native Italy and around the world. She regularly writes columns in several European newspapers, and advises a number of governments on counter-terrorism. She is regarded as an international expert in the field of economics and has written a number of works of fiction to boot. AtGoogleTalks May 26, 2010

EarthSayer Loretta Napoleoni
Date unknown Format Lectures
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Transforming Our Economy More Details
The Instricate Economics of Terrorism: Rogue Economics
Static Preview Loretta Napoleoni details her rare opportunity to talk to the secretive Italian Red Brigades -- an experience that sparked a lifelong interest in terrorism. She gives a behind-the-scenes look at its complex economics, revealing a surprising connection between money laundering and the US Patriot Act.

TEDtalksDirector December 14, 2009http://www.ted.com 
EarthSayer Loretta Napoleoni
Date unknown Format Lectures
Length unknown Keywords Sustainability More Details

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