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Uses of Industrial Hemp by Adam Henson
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Adam Henson is an English farmer and television presenter. He narrates this presentation on Hemp as building material and as insulation.Uploaded on Dec 24, 2009

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Our Four Core Values by Jim Corcoran
Static PreviewThe Aging Artfully Initiative (AAI) is a collaborative group of community leaders and elder activists in Portland, Oregon.  Here Jim Corcoran of AAI talks about the four core values or promises of the organization. They are excellent examples for building an interdependent community.  "We all need each other."  AAI was formed by Jim with the help of Gary Marschke in 2008.

We are forming a multi-generational community of caring people focused on the creative arts and aging artfully. AAI will have a physical, mixed use residential location, in addition to a network of friends and allies who provide services to each other and the wider community.Seminars, workshops, events, and services, provided by our expert allies, will strengthen the cultural and financial resources that are essential to all artists, musicians and creatives.
EarthSayers Jim Corcoran; Gary Marschke
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Creating Material Change by Heidi McCloskey
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Heidi McCloskey is Communications Director for the Textile Exchange, a global B to B Marketplace for the textile industry. Heidi presented at the Fourth Annual Conference on Business and Sustainability sponsored by The Center for Global Leadership in Sustainability at the School of Business Administration in Portland State University, Portland, Oregon. Ms. McCloskey argues strongly for collaborating for innovation and thinking beyond the borders of competition.

She was interviewed by Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv, the voices of sustainability.

EarthSayer Heidi McCloskey
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The Wisdom of Designing Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough
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Special Collection: TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), Ideas Worth Spreading Cradle to Cradle presents architect and designer William McDonough asks what our buildings and products would look like if designers took into account "All children, all species, for all time." http://www.ted.com/

Click image to order book from Amazon.

EarthSayer William McDonough
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Displaying 4 videos of 4 matching videos

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